Metaverse ABCs: Sensorium Platform (SENSO) Aims to Become the Epicenter of Interactive Gaming in the Metaverse


Digital technologies are transforming the way we interact and communicate with each other. While the internet is a place where users can readily access entertainment, communication, and more; however, no experience can really connect with users on a sensory level. 

Technology is rapidly developing, computers and mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous. Social Networks and content distribution platforms are playing a major role in helping us connect and be entertained by infinite streams of content, entertainment, and gaming

However, this infinite stream of information, content, and entertainment is making us more isolated through it’s siloed experiences. Sensorium aims to change that by using some of the world’s most sophisticated and advanced technologies to create the future of the internet, The Sensorium Galaxy. 


Source: CoinTelegraph

What is Sensorium?

Sensorium corporation is a technological model engineered to transform the field of entertainment based on the Sensorium Effect. For those who don’t know the sensorium effect, sensorium refers to every part of your brain that receives, processes, and interprets sensory stimuli. It is essentially the entire sensory apparatus of the body. 

So, the sensorium corporation goes the extra mile by creating a metaverse that synthesizes the gaming industry, entertainment industry, and other industries and bridges it with your sensorium through the Sensorium Galaxy. 

The Sensorium Galaxy is an interactive, immersive metaverse filled with experiences enhanced by an array of diverse technologies. It’s structured as a virtual alternate universe. The Sensorium Galaxy is a metaverse built on top of multiple virtual worlds, each acting as a hub for specific types of content such as music, dance, mindfulness, edutainment, and more. 

The Sensorium Galaxy unites people with its unique virtual experiences by delivering immersive, interactive, and engaging activities within its metaverse. The Sensorium Galaxy merges high-quality VR and AR content to establish a seamless metaverse where users around the world can access the Sensorium Galaxy through multiple platforms and enjoy different levels of immersiveness. 

Sensorium Galaxy reinvents entertainment for the new digital age. The Sensorium Galaxy produces content in collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned artists and leading entertainment companies. It also enables the users to generate their own content by allowing them to access a vast set of digital tools. 

Users can build their digital-selves from scratch and live within the Sensorium Galaxy as virtual beings. They can also connect with other users within the galaxy or interact with AI-driven NPCs. They can also use the vast set of digital tools at their disposal and put their creativity to the test by creating content and reselling it through the NFT marketplace


Source: CoinTelegraph

How Does Sensorium Work?

Sensorium Galaxy is a digital metaverse where users can enjoy deeply immersive and multisensory experiences enhanced by virtual reality and artificial intelligence. It’s an endless virtual space filled with infinite variations of entertainment possibilities, thanks to its high-quality content, advanced social mechanics, and AI-generated data. 

Sensorium Galaxy is built on top of multiple virtual worlds, each acting as a distinct hub for separate content types. Its digital infrastructure allows users to access their senses and unlock novel content-creating experiences using the various tools in the metaverse and never be disconnected. 

The Sensorium Galaxy seamlessly integrates the real world and virtual world through its digital economy and decentralized marketplace powered by its native token, SENSO. SENSO is Sensorium Galaxy’s backbone, allowing users to gain complete ownership over their creative journey within the metaverse. 

The SENSO token serves as the main metaverse-native currency. It has been integrated into various mechanisms within the Sensorium Galaxy, such as minting  NFTs, controlling marketplace operations, and maintaining the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) regulation. 

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Sensorium Galaxy takes advantage of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, to create a unique offering inside one of the most intuitive metaverses to date. 

Sensorium Metaverse Landscape

Sensorium users can interact with the metaverse regardless of their preferred platform. Users can join the metaverse through their phones, desktops, and game consoles. Their mixed reality metaverse is accessible across all types of devices and delivers different levels of immersiveness. 

Users can access the metaverse through their phone and use special augmented reality protocols to jump into the metaverse and interact with other users and the AI-generated content within the metaverse. They can also access the 3D reality version of the Sensorium galaxy metaverse through their laptops and desktops and unlock multisensory experiences. 

If users really want to dive into the Sensorium Galaxy and want themselves taken away in the endless metaverse, they can access the virtual reality version of the Sensorium Galaxy via their HMD devices. 

Currently, the Sensorium Galaxy is built on top of the following worlds. 


PRISM is a reality-transforming and groundbreaking epicenter of music within the Sensorium Galaxy. Users can jump into the metaverse and access multiple grand shows by some of the world’s electronic music artists. Sensorium Galaxy has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned artists to provide this experience; one of the most notable names they’re collaborating with is David Guetta. 


Motion is an immersive and hyper-visual mystic underwater space within the Sensorium Galaxy, where users enable deep connections with other users and practice mindfulness. 


Starship is the epicenter of user interaction within the Sensorium Galaxy. The Sensorium Galaxy integrates a seamless social interaction model where users can interact with each other, enjoy group activities while traveling across the endless worlds of the Sensorium Galaxy. 

Closing Thoughts

The Sensorium Corporation is revolutionizing the metaverse ecosystem with its deeply immersive and interactive system. Sensorium Galaxy could be the best implementation and representation of the metaverse we often imagine, mixed with reality and virtual world. 

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