Town Star from GALA // Alfa Starts // What they Change?

Town Star from GALA // Alfa Starts // What they Change?

By Patte&Nessa | Kryptotreff | 25 Jun 2020

You Like Sandbox Games? Then this Article about Town Star is for you!


But first, do you Read our first Publication  about Town Star?


Then do it first here:


The Alfa Version is here:

Gala goes his way. And that's Great. With the last Game reset, they bring the Alfa Version Live. 



What are they Changing?

1. They Change the Layout from the Homepage a Lil bit.




2. They delete the sucking Loot Box System and implement the Marketplace that coming soon!



3. They bring some Reward System to Refer your Friends for extra Ingame items.

first, you earn 100 GALA Coins for every Refer Friend and your Friend gets 100 Coins too. We think you can Use the Coins on the Marketplace when it is Online. When your Friend Buy some Gold Membership you will Earn 5 Dollar in Bitcoins. 



We Talk in Our first Article about it, it is not Important to Buy the membership at this time because the Game is for Free. The difference between the Free and the Gold Membership you see here:



There is also new, for referred friends the opportunity to Earn Ingame Items like the Alfa Fountain:


the Fountain is the first Special Ingame Item to improve your Farm with better Water care for your Building. Maybe you Help us to get on than we can wright some Report about the Effect.

Help here and Join Town Star!



Location Location Location:

We don't know, is it new or we didn't see it bevor. The Choice of your Town Location brings some different about your Farm Ground. At this time we find three different Places with some pros and cons!


First the Wood Area:

you see, here you have tons of Wood! The other special is, you Start with 8 Ponds. 1 Pond brings you 5000 Dollar at Start if you sell it. So it is a nice Money Push to Grow faster.



Second the Desert Area:

Here you have nothing at the beginning. Decide by yourself if is an advantage.



Third the Plains Area:

Here you start with a lot of Pasture. This Choice is nice when you want to Build up some Animal Farm. One Pasture gives you every 20 Minutes some free food for the Animals without some Work.



We hope you like our Work. If you missed something let us know in the comments!



If you like to play, join here and Build your Own Town! 



Do you know our Article about the Atomars Free Coin Faucet? Start to Claim your Daily free TRX, BAN, and Co.





Stay healthy and curious about the many new crypto projects and learn to Protect yourself.



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