The Gala Sandbox Game Town Star

The Gala Sandbox Game Town Star

By Patte&Nessa | Kryptotreff | 11 Jun 2020

Today we want to Talk about our Experience with the Sandbox Game Town Star from the Publisher Gala. At this Time the Game is in the Beta Phase and free to Play. Gala want to Publish 4 Games like these but at this Time Townstar is the own Game. You can buy Lootboxes to Build up your own Ingame Mining Bot and some Special MemberShip. We play the Game without Money and Lootboxes.



The Game Princip

It is easy to Understand but Hard to Manage. The Game is in some 7 Days Cycle with a Leaderboard. After the Gametime,  all Towns will be reset and the Game Starts from the beginning.




The Game offers you five Categories to Build Up Your own Economic City. Every Building needs some Ressource and you have to find the best balance to supply all Buildings and let your City grow. 



-Farm to Build up your Plant Fields and Economic round about the Earnings like bakery and co.



-Ranch to Build up you Economics round about Milk, Eggs, and Wool



-Terrain to Build Water and Road Structures



-Industrial to make you Own Energie, Gas and the most expensive end products



-Trade to Build Points to sell your Products



Easily to Handle


for real, the game looks cute and easy but it isn't. Every new Building needs to adjust your Production of raw materials. The Produktion costs some Money every Minute, and if you run out Money the Worker stops work.


Wood is some very Important material that is everywhere at the beginning, but if you need more space for your Production Buildings, you have to remove it. If you don't Build your own Tree Farms then, you go Out of Money and your City is broke.


Roads are Important too, if you Build the Ways to Long, you waste time. If you don't Build Roads your Worker Walk to Slow, your Production is not Effective and you Run out of Money. You can only Craft and Sell first Level Products wit only one Production Step, but with these, you Earn only Slow Money.




Some Example:


If you want to produce Baguette to sell 10 Pieces for 2.7 Million Cash, you have to create 2x Dough, 2 Butter, and 2 Wood per 1 Baguette.

To Create 2 Dough you need 10 Flour, 2 Eggs, and 2 Butter.

To Create 4 Butter you need 8 Milk, 8 Salt, and 4 Sugar.

To create Milk, Salt, Flour, and Sugar you need the Fields and the Milk Barn and the Wheet to Produce it. You see, it Looks Easy, but it's Hard to Manage.



We like the Game Mechanics and the Cute Grafik. The Game is in the Beta Phase so we curious how the Game will Grow.


Join here and Build your Own Town! 



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