Crypto Leaques Part 2 // Payout´s of Winnings

Crypto Leaques Part 2 // Payout´s of Winnings

By Patte&Nessa | Kryptotreff | 21 May 2020

What the Hell is Crypto Leaques?


If you missed out our Articel about Crypto Leaques read here what it is:




We made Place 10


today we want to Talk about the Parachute League #2 @ CryptoLeaques. We play it and made place 10. So we win 5000 PAR (Coingecko // Parachute).  After the league ended, we received an email asking us to confirm our UnigueID. You can find your Own UniqueID under Settings from Crypto Leaques. 




The Payout Process


First of all, you need Telegram for the payment process. There you should join the following groups:

@CryptoLeaques // Offizial CryptoLeaques Channel 

@parjar_bot // Your Par Telegram Wallet


and last but not least an employee of CryptoLeaques:

@Kryptopia // Mark from the CryptoLeaques Team7a774663d660a17d1106799566c2cf661925512df20ee5a75f41dbd1157554e6.jpeg


Easy as F***


After we set up our Par Telegram Wallet, paying out the winnings was pretty easy. After confirming that we are really the winner, Mark donated the winnings 5000 par on the CryptoLeaques Channel.



We hope you enjoyed our short explanation and you will also be able to play in the league. Smash the follow button in order not to miss anything from us.

Stay healthy and curious about the many new crypto projects.


We´ll see us at the Leaderbord!




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