Enter the Crypto Leagues -Free-to-Play- *EnglishEdit*

Enter the Crypto Leagues -Free-to-Play- *EnglishEdit*

By Patte&Nessa | Kryptotreff | 2 May 2020

Ready for the League?


Want to trade with $ 10,000? To contend yourself against others and win the Main Prize as the best Trader? Then the following Post is just right for you !



CryptoLeagues - Trading Game


is a new Free-to-play Crypto Trading Game. The Special, you contend yourself with other Traders in different Leagues to Win a monthly Prizepool. All Gamers receive a predetermined starting Capital. Each League has a fixed Season, usually lasting 30 days. Registration during the Season is not possible. You´re placing will be defined by the Capital in your  Playmoney Portfolio.



Current Leagues:


Main League:03f1a827ada1e50bcdf55c934c35453b0343d7ad6bd97abe79bc8122b6218d7e.jpeg


Public League for Parachute:f4da7d83a74d3cdb6afdde7c1f363d128a7dbc5889f9996b98d3ca78153d14e6.jpeg


Uptrennd + Digibyte League:4fe82ffff45180f332620275ecbde6eb31a90d91f5c4ad8c2857c52a75be732e.jpeg


Leaderbord & Paying Out:


Each Tournament has a different Profit Structure that can be viewed before entering the League. Upon reaching a winning Placement you will receive an E-Mail from CryptoLeagues asking for your ETH Address in order to receive the Prize. All you need for Registration on the platform is an E-Mail Address.








Trading Game with real-time Prices and the possibility to test the Matter without risk of loss. On Top of that there is the Chance of Winnings that pushes your portfolio a little. We are sure there will be other Event Partners here in Future and the Tournaments will be more lucrative. All in all, a nice thing to get to know the world of Crypto Trading without the Vendor's interest in your Cryptos.





We´ll see us at the Leaderbord!



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