Start of a New Bull-Run on BTC or ?

By CryptoSon | KriptoSon | 25 Sep 2019

Don't bring to read till the end of it please..

With start of 2019 BTC started a new different cycle than previous years. As seen in article photo we finished a bullish trend a bearish trend between Quarter 2 2017 - Quarter 3 2018.

With Quarter 3 2018 most of exchanges allowed bots and AI in their ecosystem even they have lots of in.

Testing of these bot usage finished with the end of Q1 2019.

Whale accounts that uses bots started a new strategy with old bullish pattern.

You see that owners started but now where we are ? At start of bullish run as I redlined ?

I deeply checked that lines but I feel that we already see the peak of the bullish on July 2019 as you see below :351665157-e04397b3cf978d9c9a756eca7db0d98b170a77d4e0af0e016c5bf89e5370af95.jpeg

So yesterday we are around the same point of April 2018. So in one month we may see a small peak aroun 11.000 USD/BTC.

That is the point what I put a questionmark on trend.

Then we can see an average trend with small peaks . The average may be around 4000 - 6000 USD.

That one was my one scenario that I don't believe !!!!

My main scenarioΒ  is that we are in the beginning of Hope session of new cycle of market.

Most of you remember that chart below in right side.


So you are able to see identical moves with that chart in our 2019 BTC trend.

That is my strong prediction about that point where we are now.

So that move like 15% a huge red line in trend of yesterday means a new hope of a start to a huge bullish run !

Hope it is as I predicted...

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