5 Cryptocurrencies closest to their peak after recent ascents.

5 Cryptocurrencies closest to their peak after recent ascents.

By kripto sedat | kriptosedat | 9 Feb 2020



5 Cryptocurrencies closest to their peak after recent ascents.

Bitcoin, which is struggling with the $ 10,000 barrier, is trading about 50 percent below its peak, while several key cryptocurrencies are quite close to their previous record highs.

Bitcoin has seen notable rises in alternative cryptocurrencies as it struggles to exceed $ 10,000 in recent days. Even a few cryptocurrencies within the top 100, the largest by market value, are still quite close to record levels.

FTX Token (FTT)
The first of these is FTT of the leveraged cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX, which Binance recently invested in. The FTT, which reached its historic peak on August 8, 2019, in the first days of its release, is trading just 12 per cent below that level today.

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)
Second place is the controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). BSV had hit a record high last month with about $ 439 and is now trading at $ 339, 23 per cent below that.

Chainlink (LINK))
LINK, one of the cryptocurrencies that has benefited the most from the overall positive weather in cryptocurrency markets, is in third place. LINK, which has picked up a good upward trend since early January, is 24 per cent below its peak.

The fourth cryptocurrency closest to an all-time high is another cryptocurrency exchange, OKEx's OCD. OCD, which is trading at $ 3.8 today, is as far as 30 per cent off its peak.

Cosmos (ATOM))
Cosmos (ATOM) is not far from a new record, although it was shaken by its founder's decision to resign last week. The ATOM, with its feet firmly on the ground in the face of the emerging news, is 33 percent below its highest level ever seen.





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