GT22 / theater (Intimni oder)

100 days of detox

During the last 100 days i stayed away from trading, DeFi and the social media. The kripto-detox revealed many important aspects of the blockchain tehnology that are less compulsory than transacting of assets. During that time i started a theatralic process of creating scenes, a form that presents the digital life of a degen in the time of a Bull-run.  The tematic is about trading, communication, new technologies, hope and more.Three pieces came to life in vibrant creative process:

Kriptoevangelist #1 @GT22 / 25.3. 2021 "DeFi - how much can you get, how much can you loose?" collaboration of Miha Horvat, Matej Modrinjak

Kriptoevangelist #2 @GT22 / 27.5. 2021 "Is this the end of the Bull-run?" collaboration of Robert Canning, Miha Horvat, Matej Modrinjak

Kriptoevangelist #3  @GT22 / 19.6. 2021 "how high and how long can we stay there?" collaboration of Aphra Tesla, Miha Horvat, Robert Canning, Matej Modrinjak and Monika Pocrnjić

Not to forget to mention the audience. In comming steps were trying to include the audience in form of "DeFi ways of collaboration".

Upcomming shows:

Kriptoevangelist #4 @session in the forrest / 22.8. 2021 "AMA "

Kriptoevangelist #5  @27.mfru / October 2021 "the storry of NFT"

Creating of NFT collectibles of diverse materials and fitting it onto the blockchain is now the thing im after.  Thats the momentum i find most interresting: taking material from the haptic world and give value to it in the digital world. I had some interesting discussions with diverse creators, painters, musicians, poets, dancers... Now im talking allso to you - the investor. Whos gonna join the NFT production in the early-phase...?


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Im researching the crypto-eco system, paving new ways for integration of the developing tehnologies (Dapps, Blokchan, trading of crypto assets, NFTs, new banking and insurance etc.) in real life.

from DeFi into NFT and back to reality
from DeFi into NFT and back to reality

Researching the Crypto-ecosystem and possibilities, studying the blockchain technology and integration of dapps in real life. am interested in: Community building. New media education. Research of decentralized systems. Art market, blockchain and NFTs.

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