What is Kadena (KDA)?

By Yasin | Kripto | 4 Nov 2019


Kadena offers the fastest, safest and most scalable hybrid blockchain technology for businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Kadena network combines public and private blockchains and other interoperable chains in one place, redirecting traffic to the high-bandwidth computer through the Kadena public chain.

Pact Smart Contracts

Pact is the first smart contract language that can be read by people. Everybody can write this language clearly and directly on the blockchain. This means real progress for secure and automated contracts.

Pact; designed to be a smart contract language that people can easily learn and use to support sophisticated / advanced projects.

It has automatic fault detection, supports external code without losing control. It also provides confidentiality as well as consensus-based management.

With a highly secure design, Pact supports completely new business models and chain services.

Public Blockchain

Proof of Work-powered, interconnected chains deliver unmatched speed and security that seamlessly integrates into business systems. Tested independently by experts at Gauntlet Networks to demonstrate that the project can safely scale its own public blockchain.

Corporate Experience

Kadena’s high-performance and secure enterprise solutions are available to teams of all sizes and experience levels and easily connect with existing systems.

Thanks to proprietary BFT consensus protocols, real-world tests with 256 nodes reached 8000 TPS.

Kadena provides solutions to the problems Ethereum faces. In addition, the “Formal Verification” that other blockchain applications have added to their new roadmap already offers interoperability, scalability and more.

Real Projects Use Kadena Software


Kadena Team's Past Experience

Kadena's founders made the first blockchain of JP Morgan. The team has engineering, decades of banking, trading and regulatory experience. They had experience designing and installing software systems for leading financial and government agencies including JPMorgan Chase and the US Securities and Exchange Commission.



Kadena has invested a total of $ 15 million from the very important funds below.


Kadena Token

Similar to the ETH at the Ethereum, the KDA in Kadena is a token that is paid for miners' mining activities in the network, and is the transaction fee that users pay to include their transactions in a block. In addition, KDA will be used to realize smart contracts.

Token Distribution :


Token Sale



Kadena, which was among the 17 assets Coinbase reviewed to list last September, is the project with the highest chance of being listed, according to many experts.

I think that the project, which has recently "Token Sale" via Coinlist, where Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey invested $ 10 million, should definitely be followed.

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