What is GEEQ Token?

By Yasin | Kripto | 14 Sep 2020


Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform secured by our Proof of Honesty protocol (PoH), safe enough for your most valuable data, cheap enough for IoT, and flexible enough for any use.

Unsurpassed Security

Geeq has developed a proprietary protocol called Proof of Honesty (PoH) that provides the security necessary for large scale, decentralized commerce.


Built to Last

Geeq is built, from the ground up, to provide foundational security for a bright, unending future. Individual blockchains can be customized for : efficiency and low costs, flexibility of applications and smart contracts, interoperability and federated systems, and upgrade paths for the quantum age.

Everyone Wins

Geeq’s entire ecosystem is designed to provide incentives for everyone to share in the surplus of participating in a new, open, and accessible digital services economy. Every action is voluntary; if you provide value, you will be paid; and Geeq’s multi-chain platform means you can vote with your feet.

Tokens & Economics


Token Allocation



After the successful launch of the $GEEQ Utility token on Bitmax.io and the success of the oversubscribed Bit Treasure staking promotion that followed shortly after, Geeq and Bitmax have decided to offer the opportunity for holders of $GEEQ to join a pre-staking program starting on Monday 14th September at 11AM EDT (3PM UTC).

This pre-staking program will further incentivize the long term supporters of Geeq with Great Rewards available for those who wish to utilize the offer. It will also attract and increase the unique wallet holders to Geeq, and, further expand the volume of holders of the $GEEQ Token. 

The staking will be an amazing 36% APR. Once your $GEEQ is staked, the funds will begin to accumulate interest immediately and the reward distribution will be paid out on a once-daily basis.



1. BitMax

2. Uniswap

3. Hotbit

4. Bilaxy



Homepage - White Paper - Technical Paper - Patent Pending - Telegram - Twitter

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