Junto: Decentralized Social Media Platform

By Yasin | Kripto | 13 Sep 2019

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What is Junto?

Almost every product was created to solve a problem that people suffer from. One of the problems that Junto wants to solve is the problem that today's social media applications take and process our data and derive power from our data. 

Our likes, comments, messages, photos we upload and the behaviors we display while using applications such as Facebook and Instagram are recorded. This data is stored on central servers and retrieved and processed at any time to reveal our code of conduct; what we love, what we hate, what are our weaknesses, etc. The advertisements offered to us vary according to this information.

The fact that our data on social media is located on central servers raises other problems. For example, hacking events ... In this case your personal information not only in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg, but also in the hands of hackers. Another problem of storing our data on central servers is censorship. The owners of social media applications can remove content that harms their interests without question, even for the benefit of an entire society.

Here, Junto aims to make the ownership of our data unique to us, to prevent our codes of conduct from becoming more vulnerable and to prevent hacking and to create an uncensored social media application.

To achieve this goal, the data is not on a central server; it plans to store it in an encrypted and distributed format on a large number of servers (thousands, maybe millions). Although blockchain technology is very popular, it is not enough to realize this dream. For example, Bitcoin's world-wide transmission speed is only 7 per second, and the amount of data that can be contained in each block is only 1 megabyte. Therefore, if we think of all kinds of interactions such as likes, comments and messages in social media as transmissions, the fact that millions of transmissions take place every second in the world is revealed and 7 transmissions per second is not enough. Also, the block size cannot afford to store large amounts of data. Not only that, the amount of electricity used to process the Bitcoin blockchain is equal to Ireland's annual consumption. Here we understand that the block chain technology is cumbersome, not at all suitable for decentralized applications. Since Junto sees this fact, it wants to run it through holochain technology.

What will be features of Junto app?

  • Your number of followers won't have to be seen by everyone. Only users who want to set the number of followers to an "visible to everyone" from the settings. The goal is to reduce the importance given to the number of followers.
  • There will be no “like” option in posts.
  • Your usage habits will not be evaluated. So in your timeline, there will be content that you really want to see and not the flow that artificial intelligence determines is more relevant to you.
  • You will be able to share any type you want. These species will initially have 7. These; short article (like Twitter), long article (like Medium), article sharing, photo (like Instagram), video (like YouTube), audio/podcast (like SoundCloud), activity. So Junto will have a large number of social media applications in one application. These 7 types will be added according to the demand of the users.
  • You will set permissions for all your shares. You will classify as “Anyone can see”, "Only my relatives can see" or “Only I can see”. Although this feature is available in many social media apps, it doesn't really exist, because application owners who store your data have access to all your data. In Junto, this is impossible.
  • Junto will never have ads, you will never be exposed to ads while using the app. One of the reasons why don't get ads is the desire to prevent people from being directed with these ads. Junto will never have the problem of spreading false news through advertising.


The Junto application is planned to be launched in 2019. The first users will be only those who register in advance. You can also register right now and become one of the first users when Junto becomes available.



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