Filecoin Main Net Approaching!

Filecoin Main Net Approaching!

By Yasin | Kripto | 15 Jun 2020


Filecoin business development staff Angie Maguire, gave information about Filecoin's test network contest details a few days ago. She also said that the mainnet of the project was accelerated to debut this summer. On 10 June, Maguire told Cointelegraph about the project's general roadmap:

"The Filecoin mainnet is on track for our launch window July 20 to Aug. 20,"

Contests for Filecoin TestNet

Filecoin, a blockchain-based decentralized data storage project, announced the testnet competition ahead of its planned mainnet launch in the near future. The top 100 miners will be rewarded in the competition to be held to solve potential network problems before the launch of Mainnet. In addition, awards will be distributed to the most successful miners from each continent. Avoiding giving a precise start date, Maguire said the competition could start only in July.

Maguire, who cares highly about the competition, added:

"Incentivized testnets have become a best practice for helping users prepare for new chains to launch. We reviewed many testnet incentives programs and combined the best elements with some unique Filecoin characteristics like storing real user data."

As you know, the Filecoin project was postponed in recent months due to COVID-19 and testnet delays. The Filecoin project continues to be developed since the ICO supply of $257M in 2017.


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