World of Dragons - Player's Choice 2.1.4

World of Dragons - Player's Choice 2.1.4

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 5 Jan 2020


Version: 2.1.4

Grabbing the Minecolonies update after they enjoyed the 8 last great days of Tammuz. Ever notice that Christmas to New Years is exactly 8 days just like in the Feast of Tabernacles? Known officially as the 8 last great days. The first and the last days are holy communions upon which no work is done and much feasting and celebration is happening. The days in between (between week) you may work. I came to that realization. Amazed at how we say "The Bible? Holy Days? What, I can't do those, they're too complicated!!!" but these other days we have no issues with them? Even tho they are clearly mirroring the ones from The Bible.

If the Bible is bupkis why even bother imitating it?



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