World of Dragons - A New Age 2.0.40

World of Dragons - A New Age 2.0.40

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 29 May 2020


Version: 2.0.40

Forge: 1.15.2 - 31.2.5

Maintenance Update


  • citadel as it is no longer needed by wyrmroost
  • xaeros minimap in favor of journeymap
  • silent mods and forbidden arcanus due to bugs that have been known but not been patched in 2 months now.
  • betteranimals,¬†betteranimalsplus,¬†betteranimationscollection2, chest hopper, carry on, cleanview, create, death quotes, demagnetize,¬† emojicord, extended caves, fence jumper, florist, foamdome, forgeserverlock, friendlyfire, mine and decoration, mine and slash -expansion, moblocks, mustgofaster, no phantom no cry, once upon a stroll, pet bat, reauth, recycler, restrictions, simple fluid tanks, spike traps, teleport me, spike traps, torch optimizer, trashed, and wired blocks all for never porting to 1.15.2



  • everything else updated to 1.15.2

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