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World of Dragons 21.13.270

By kreezxil | Kreezxil's Korner | 2 May 2020


Version: 21.13.270

Ice and Fire released another bug fix which is the main reason for this. Also, I've added a sponsorship for the preferred launcher for launching the pack and updated the Bisect Hosting banner.

Dank Null had a big update 2 days ago, while it didn't explicitly say it fixed a certain bug we've reported, I'm hoping that the bug was fixed somehow in the passing. If not, we'll be rolling this stupid mod down 4 versions on Sunday. Honestly, I blame myself because this a fanboy mod that I allowed you guys to persuade me to add. That's why I'm rolling out a new version of this pack, entirely rebuilt and more to the core vision. The new pack version is a new pack entirely. World of Dragons MAIN BRANCH which is what this is, is locked. I'm preparing everyone for that pack, if you want to know what I'm talking about join my discord and assign yourself to the tester's core, when you do that it will be revealed to you.

Added some new mobs including a RUST MONSTER from Atomic Stryker's Infernal Mobs! Kiss your awesome armor goodbye!

Added Doom Weapons.



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Kreezxil's Korner
Kreezxil's Korner

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