New Krebit UI and Reputation Passport SDK

gm! we’ve got some updates that are worth sharing with you all!

  • EthCC [5] debriefing
  • New Reputation Passport SDK available for developers
  • New Krebit UI live on testnet
  • 🤖 Gitcoin Grant Round 15 Sep 07-22


EthCC [5] debriefing

It’s been a couple of months of hard work after we attended the ethCC in Paris this past July. We gathered a lot of feedback, met with interesting people and investors and reshaped our vision towards a robust portable reputation passport experience. Here is the recording of our talk, where we shared our vision for a Web3 Reputation stack:

The Credential-Powered DAO and the Future of Work

The Credential-Powered DAO and the Future of Work


New Reputation Passport SDK

The new Krebit SDK is available on NPM: It provides functions for creating off-chain Verifiable-Credentials in Ceramic network that can be verified on-chain with krebit-contracts in the polygon network for gas saving purposes. A few details on the changes:

  • It took us a while upgrading from the deprecated 3ID did method to the new did:pkh format, but we wanted to make sure that we were in line with Ceramic’s roadmap and also have a better compatibility with production products like
  • We’re making sure that Krebit’s credentials can be verified both off-chain and on-chain, while the private data of users is both hashed and encrypted using the Lit protocol.
  • Our special thanks to the teams from Quest Protocol and Orbis, that have given valuable feedback in creating the new SDK as a collaborative effort.
  • We’ve also decided to focus on releasing the reputation on-chain stamps on the Polygon network, while the zkEVM space becomes more stable and is production ready.

If your interested in adding portable reputation to your app, reach out to us in our Discord server:


New Krebit UI live on testnet

New Krebit's Reputation Passport UI

New Krebit's Reputation Passport UI The new krebit UI is still work in progress, but you can have a first look on the testnet at ! A brief description of the updates and enhancements:

1)  Your reputation passport now has extended capabilities in order to verify and stamp credentials associated to:

  • Personhood: discord, twitter, email, phone, KYC, etc.      
  • Work experience: spect, dework, github, etc.       
  • Education, Community, among other categories.

2) We have also been busy working in some 3rd party integrations that will enable different use cases and that will help enhance the capabilities of our Krebit decentralized and portable reputation passport. More to come on this.

3) As you keep on building and adding credentials to your Krebit reputation passport in a one time effort, you’ll be able to use them for different web3 apps, DAOs and/or contracts as many times as needed.

During the following weeks, we will focus on creating the first personhood integrations so that credentials can be requested upon them and stamped on your reputation passport.


🤖 Gitcoin Grant Round 15 Sep 07-22


Last but not least, this has been possible due to the grant funding rounds via GitCoin.

If you’re a previous Gitcoin donnor, don’t forget to claim your Kudos NFT:

And please don’t forget to keep supporting us during GR15:  


Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Krebit Team

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