Krebit - Web3 Verifiable Credentials - Update #2

Hi all!

Time for a second update about progress in Krebit’s development the last month:

  • New Brand, Domain and Testnet!
  • Krebit Protocol Docs
  • Ceramic data-models for Verifiable Credentials
  • Krebit DAO Investment Pitch
  • Next Steps

New Brand, Domain and Testnet!

  • Updated the Krebit Logos to better reflect the value proposition of Web Verifiable Credentials
  • Published a new version of the testnet under an “.id” domain

Krebit Testnet UI

Krebit Protocol Docs

We’ve published a first version of the Krebit Docs, with main focus on Web3 Developers that want to build reputation into their dApps:

Krebit Docs

Ceramic data-models for Verifiable Credentials

We’ve published a pull request for the open schemas and data-models, and started discussing them with Ceramic’s community in Discord channel #identity-reputation

After the data-model gets approved, the next steps is to promote other Ceramic App developers to build on top of it and integrate Krebit verification for their users.

Krebit DAO Investment Pitch

To build and scale Krebit we’re going to need more fire power in funding, so we were invited to present Krebit at the Sauce Tank session as a first pitch.

Here are the slides presented during the session, including the draft for the Krebit DAO launch using an NFT sale with different voting power based on roles in the protocol, if you have contacts with potential investors, please reach us at [email protected] :

Next Steps

  • Quote Security Audits
  • Prepare the Krebit DAO launch
  • Include Krebit identity verification on other Ceramic apps
  • Test zkEVM as L2 solution

Learn more:

- Read the docs:
- Check the Testnet App:
Please don’t forget to:
- Follow us on Twitter @KrebitDAO
- Join the discord Server:
- Read the Blog:
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