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The first Publish0x blog of all things K-pop and Korean culture related

By DiamondRuby | KpopBloggin | 4 Jan 2020


My name is Ruby and in exactly 2 days I am celebrating my 11th year anniversary of my 'obsession' with all things K-pop and Korean culture related.

I am a student in my senior year majoring in (Bachelor of) Music , my main instrument is vocals. My specialization...? Well, it's all about K-pop vocal and performance coaching. I have been doing some serious research into K-pop for a few years now. I have been studying my instrument and I have also been teaching workshops about K-pop and how to sing. So I decided that now is finally the right time to start sharing my knowledge on this subject on the internet.

Welcome to K-pop Bloggin', the first Publish0x blog of all things K-pop and Korean culture related.


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What is K-pop, you ask?

In short, it is the South Korean popular music scene. I say scene, because it's more then just the music and songs. It's abbreviated from Korean pop music. It's a whole world of it's own. I plan on getting in on what exactly 'the world of K-pop' is in the next few weeks.

I have made my own Categorization method for K-pop songs. This is a topic I will cover as well. To explain this method, I am going to have to write about allot of songs, so i thought of an idea...


Song of the Post

Every one of my posts will end with a Song of the Post segment. My posts will come out multiple times a week, but not daily, so instead of a song of the 'day' or 'week', I made it 'of the post'. (...Honestly, I think this is a great idea...)

Coming soon

The first topic on K-pop Bloggin', starting Monday 6th of January, will be about Microphones in the K-pop live performing world. What types are there? Which brands of microphones do K-pop idols use? Which hand do you hold the mic in? What's the deal with these personalized, colored and glittered up microphones?

Why start with this random topic?
I have spend a ridiculous amount of time over the last few weeks comparing videos to pictures to news articles to other blogs on K-pop idol microphones. ( I know, I have a problem) It is one of the main reasons I decided to start a blog now. I have so much information to share, and I need a to just do it, get it out there. 


So, Here's to a beautiful journey blogging on Publish0x.




Song of the Post

Artist: Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)
Songtitle: What 
Release: September 2018 (Korean)/ November 2018 (Japanese)
Category (more on this soon): Dark, Girl group idol, Rock and Classical music elements


I was watching a video on Youtube recently and this song was playing in the background. It hadn't been in my playlist for a while, but it jumped back into my playlist instantly and it's been on repeat for the past week. A song with a 'Dark' concept, energetic beat with electronic rock guitar and classical strings, put through an airy live performance sound filter. Two language versions and a 4K epic fantasy-esque MV with strong symbolic dance choreography. A MV that was about a year ahead of it's time in terms of K-pop trends. I think it is a good K-pop song for the cold grey winter.

Korean version
(Eng subs available)


Japanese version


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