How To Earn On Cointiply

By Kovak | Kovak | 14 Aug 2023

How to Earn on Cointiply by Completing Offers and Tasks


There are numerous ways to earn on Cointiply. The best and quickest method involves completing offers on offer walls. You can earn by participating in activities such as taking surveys (the most effective way), downloading apps, playing games, viewing ads, watching videos, and more. Let me guide you on how to go about it.


What is an Offer?

Simply put, an offer is an opportunity to earn coins by completing small tasks in exchange for your time and attention. In return, you receive coins that you can later withdraw in the form of various cryptocurrencies (although personally, I keep them on Cointiply, as accumulating 35,000 coins in your account grants you a 5% APY, calculated daily and paid out weekly :)).

Types of Offers


Surveys (in my opinion, the most lucrative)

You earn coins by sharing your opinions on various topics. There are plenty of survey offers available, although their quantity and availability depend on the country you live in and your initial responses, as survey creators often target specific groups.



Another great option to earn coins on Cointiply is by downloading apps that require you to complete certain tasks (e.g., reaching a specific level, completing a task). There's always a chance you might enjoy the game and end up sticking with it for a while. So not only will you earn, but you'll also have a good time :)

There's also the possibility of playing games that pay you for the time you spend playing (PlayTime). The amount of coins you can earn is, of course, limited. A tip: every weekend, Cointiply increases PlayTime rewards by 50%! This offer only applies to the specific weekend you start playing a particular game, so you have the weekend to earn the increased amount of coins, after which the opportunity for extra coins diminishes.

Watching Videos

Most of us are probably familiar with websites like and You start a video, of course, with ads interspersed, and for each video, you receive points, which you can then claim, for example, on Cointiply.


Paid-to-click ads, meaning ads that pay you for clicking. A very quick and straightforward way to earn coins. Unfortunately, there are around 15-20 of them daily, and they pay poorly due to their ease of completion and the time involved. (I have used all of current PTC, so they're greyed-out)


Before tackling any tasks, it's worth joining the Rain Pool in the Chat, as it gives us the chance to receive a share of coins from the pool—the more we earn, the more we get :) just a little bonus.


Lastly, there are promotional codes to be redeemed on the website. If we subscribe to the newsletter, we'll receive occasional emails with promotional codes. They have varying values, but most commonly, they're worth 100-200 coins.


Feel free to ask me any questions You want :) Have a great earnings!

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