Can I Make Profit On BetFury? Day 25

By Kovak | Kovak | 5 Mar 2024

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, it was really close to losing, but the win tastes great! 450k on protift! You can register on Betfury here. If you're my referral, please state your nickname on BetFury in the comments below (for example User12***34 with stars) I'll adjust the rest myself. I'll send you a tip of $1 in SHIB as a little bonus :)



Today's profit: 455429.27 SHIB

Total profit: 1361837.15 SHIB

Feel free to join me on BetFury; even just for the staking returns alone. For my referrals, I can provide some starting strategies, even just to achieve Rank II and be able to claim free 42.17 Satoshi every hour. Of course, I must emphasize that no strategy guarantees 100% chance of success. Everything is at your own risk. Here's my reflink with 10% Bonus for You.

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