Russia and Ukraine Conflict: Maybe ww3 start?

By Synergy | kolor | 25 Feb 2022

(I hope no one dare to criticize my charizard)

For those of us apart from this reality the shocking news is still hard to process.

Vladimir Putin declaration echoed like the alarming sound of a nation wishing to fight for it's former glory. No matter what it costs.

As far i'm aware, Russians now are moved by two main things:

  • Growth
  • Fear

Putin speech are about bringing Russia to it's original form it has lost since fall of Soviet Union. He says that the country had the right to compete among the greater nations, if it were not thorn apart.

He also mention that NATO troops on neighbours borders are too close to Moscow borders. This is were fear comes in.

So here is the situation: not only he wants to increase nations power and lands, but he also set fears on nation, speeching about how enimies are dangerous.

He may be right, to some extent.

But let place politics apart for a moment, and think about the economic view.

On first day of war with Ukraine, oil price skyrocketed.

This trend should follow up, along with gold, silver, defense industry and farm land.

There is a small positive mood on cryptos too.

I will try to bring news and keep readers updated.



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