Reasons to start your blog right now!

By Synergy | kolor | 30 Jan 2022

Recently, I came across a pathway where I had to take a life decision: Starting to plan my future. It goes beyond finding a love, raising two (maybe three) children, a dog, a cat and a fish. You have to thinks about other expenses too, like buying a house and paying bills...

In the past, I was not adept into this blog thing. But after reading a while about it, and doing some research, it catch my attention.

I mean, more than half of internet are blog articles right? There might be some money in it! ($$$)

And it does. Let me tell you, my dear reader, something about it. It is an equation based on effort/time spend. But for those willing to try, and I mean REALLY TRY, there might be fortune ahead. Try to think on a good topic, maybe a nice history you can tell, and bring it to the table. The math is simple: for evergreen niches, the reward from your posts is increasingly growing every new post you make.

There are reports of bloggers who started gaining as low as 2.500$ month on first year, and 10 years later (posting like 3 times a week) it grew up to 500.000$!

That comes from your subscribers, followers, people who search or like the content you make.

For those not into tech, there also are several options ready-and-easy to deploy like Publish0x!

So, grab your notepad, and start writing. World is yours.

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