ClickBait: Truth no One will Tell You

By Synergy | kolor | 24 Feb 2022

Recently, I came across a book named "The Creature From Jekyll Island".

As fabulous as it sounds, I wish it was another monster fiction tale, but in this case monster is no fiction.

The book main goal is to unveil some of the big banks schematics, and terms like "bailout" and "mandrake system" were all well used in this book.

I came across this book when trying to figure out if banks were just another ponzi scheme. In fact, they are not. Instead, they can be something way worse.

I will try to make the book short here: banks offer credit, they run out of it, ask for bailout, government "make new money" out of mandrake system and inflation goes up. Who pays for these bailouts in the end? Tax payers.

Few days later, I came with an interesting point of view from a YouTuber guy. I really don't remember the channel name, it was a very small channel, with almost no users from an Indian guy.

It hit me like a thunder.

In his words: "What worth more, a bag full of rice, or a bag full of one hundred dollar bills?"

Well, in fact when we realize that money worth the value that people give to it, in it's core there's no intrinsic value.

I had a deep feeling of relief, but I was still worried about things I cannot control.

Let's take market behaviour for example. No one can predict market. We can have safety, but in most cases it's a fake sense of "things are ok" or "things are how they supposed to be".

In meanwhile, big corporations and whales of the market and industry, try to hold an always increasing share of people's life's, may it be your data, your money, your choices!

If we think deeply about it, they can even hold a participation on our romantic life! You name it! How many of today's couples meet on Tinder/Facebook/Instagram?

This is when, freedom of choice is not a thing anymore. The human is edited and formated to serve a greater propouse, and this is generating cash to whoever pays more!

We live a lie my friends, and that's the true.

Welcome to capitalism 2.0

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