14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible

By Synergy | kolor | 9 Jan 2022

Since you're here, you may be thinking, what this topic's title about?

No worries, I will tell you asap.

Do you ever felt you were falling from a high place, no parachute?

This is when this Netflix movie comes in. It feels like the extreme opposite.

The main character here, the protagonist, is a Nepalese guy named Nimsdai Purja.

I will try to give least spoilers as I can, to not ruin the experience of the movie.

Here is the sinopsis:

This guy, and his team set a goal: to reach the top of the highest 14 mountains of the earth, in record time. Each one have more than 8.000 meters.

That's the far I can go without giving spoilers. Worth watching for anyone who would like to enjoy a great experience.

I really recommend this domentary movie.

Thank's everyone, happy 2022!

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