Day 5: More disappointment!


RIP Quasar II

I have had ZERO successful births far in this challenge! This is Quasar II. Which I started after Pulsar II failed.

No problem getting the tiny prizes against Granny and Pa, though. But I don't want to risk my "breeding pair" at the higher level of adventures.

So, today I...

  • Claimed the bounty on on my dead Gen 5s.
  • Since R-Planet is still giving credit for the prizes, I staked mine instead of collecting the bounty.
  • WIll try again with the Original Pair of Gen 4s: Nova and Starlight. This will be Moonbeam V (I think)

I'll send Quasar out on a safe adventure and check back tomorrow!

I'm not ready to wave the white flag just yet, but not sure how many more disappointments this heart can take!

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Just getting started with Kolobok training! Journaling my experience.

Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge
Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge

Investing 100 wax into a account. How many days until I recover that investment?

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