Day 4: What am I doing wrong?

Morning of Day 4... and once again no live births!

RIP Pulsar

I guess it's back to the breeding board. I don't really want to spend K-Bucks on breeding enhancements, but it sure looks like my little family is cursed.

Nova is back from his adventure (won an orange party hat). This time, I'll try "Nova" and Quasar...

Quasar II

I headed over to R-Planet to stake the orange hat. Balance is pretty small, right now, but I'm not giving up hope!


QUESTION: Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions for change?

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Just getting started with Kolobok training! Journaling my experience.

Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge
Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge

Investing 100 wax into a account. How many days until I recover that investment?

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