Day One

DAY 1: Setting up for the 100 wax challenge

After playing Kolobok for a month, I decided I made way too many mistakes early on. The solution? Start again! I write about it as I go! 

For this challenge, I decided I would work with an initial budget of 100 wax, not a cent (what's a wax cent called?) more.

The goal: Double (or Nothing) How long it would take for me to have 200 wax in the new account!

I set a limit that I would only play in the mornings and evenings, and occasionally during lunch break. (I'm not too good with limits, though. We'll see.)

Most of Day 1 was spent getting everything set up.

  • Create a new account in my Anchor Wallet
  • Create a new account for my wax project ("kolosmooning" which sounded way cooler when I first thought of it). I rounded up the fees so I spent 1 wax on the account creation.
  • Transfer 99 wax to the new account!

Now for the fun part. Finding my first koloboks! Headed over to SimpleMarket to look for the best prices for...

  • Low generation
  • Zero children
  • Young

I quickly discovered the LIVE koloboks were EXPENSIVE and my budget couldn't do very much. So...

  • Bought two deceased Generation 4s named "Starlight" and "" and one living Generation 7 named "GEN8." Total spent: 44 wax on koloboks.

Headed over to Alcor Exchange to buy some K-Bucks in order to resurrect my new Kolos. Needed 2,000 K-Bucks, so that's another 42 wax spent!

Fired up to check out my new purchases. Feeling chuffed...

The starting two...

Loved "Starlight" but thought I was going to be able to rename "". No room in the budget to spend another 250 K-Bucks, so for now, we will settle for a nickname "Nova."


Wow. Young, No kids, early generation: 10 minutes for the first birthing. Just enough time for a coffee break!

Back from coffee. Needed to rename GEN8 the Generation 7 living one. Meet ... Quasar!

Their name shall be Quasar!

WAX BALANCE: 32 wax!


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Just getting started with Kolobok training! Journaling my experience.

Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge
Kolo Trainers 100 Wax Challenge

Investing 100 wax into a account. How many days until I recover that investment?

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