Crypto, Covid, and Confluence

By KoLeeOni | KoLeeOni | 10 Sep 2021

I've been really excited to get back to writing.  I made the decision to focus on my writing & research within the crypto world and relate it back to my real world experience. 

I had tons of ideas streaming through my head. The main one that stuck out was all the FUD. I go through on a daily basis.  My experience with sharing crypto stories obviously you get the FUD, but I'm including everyday life.  I think I'm a good story teller. Good enough. With practice and overall guidance from this community and others... I'm positive I could convey this message in an entertaining and hopefully informative manner.  I thought. The Adventures of KoLeeOni - FUDMANIA or KoLeeOni Crypto Chronicle - F**k Wit da FUD. working titles 😆 🤣 😂  Entertaining title to me, I have ideas. 

Then Covid comes knocking. views are my views and honestly I don't understand them because they always evolve.  I do not buy in to any form of conspiracy.  I am vaccinated due to work.  I've had extended family sick with covid and friends. Some it affected really bad and a few died.  It didn't hit my household until now.  I'm amazed it took this long no matter the precautions we took.  Its 11.. eleven of us.  Two families.  The last year (plus) has been rough. But this last week... I see what covid can really do firsthand. I thought I was stopped before.  I'm stopped now.  The help and assistance...blah blah. Its so many hoops and nonexistent people at the end of these lines.  What I know is I don't like seeing my family go through what we are going through.  My children just started school and  stopped it. All in one week.  I myself I've tested negative.  I still feel like crap. And I'm still at home.  Back at home.  That's not a good thing for me.  Need to move.  We need to do so much and I need to make so much to make the ends meet.  As much as I want crypto to be my main source of income right now it's not.  That's not to say it won't be.  That's the confluence.

I find myself here.  Late to the party that I want to create for myself. I want spend my time writing, researching, and sharing.  And get paid for it.  I don't make crap at my job.  The job I'm debating about returning to because I've been experimenting with "Play2Earn" games. No, I don't have any AXIES yet, but I will. That may not even be the game that chooses me. I'm referring to the offer and playtime apps. Not the built on the blockchain "I'm making more money now then I made at my phyisacl job" game.  I found myself on Discord lurking in between communities that I find mind blowing and amazing. 

I want to get involved.  I lack technical knowledge of everything lol.  From figuring out discord, buying crypto, connecting wallets, joining protocols, etc.... I still don't know what some of these products mainly do, but the communities....Brothers and Sisters... the support is there.  The initiative is usually up to you.  I'm speaking to myself.  I can take my quarantine on the chin and really try to start my KoLeeOni Chronicles: FudMania and really introduce myself to the communities I speak of and get involved. Or I can waste my time away on these "Play2Earn" apps to gain a few bucks.  I don't want immediate satisfaction, but due to my current circumstances how can I make these two rivers (confluence, stay up) come in to one and make my dreams come true.  

Can I live?


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I'm interested in learning. Blockchain, crypto, DeFi, etc. Its so many possibilities.


I'm new to the crypto world, but all I see is opportunity. To learn, grow, and maybe make some money. I'm a 9-5er that's looking for a way out of the rat race... I'm pretty sure I found it

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