KOGs are the future of virtual collectibles

By NFT ROOM | NFT's | 23 Aug 2020

I've recently came across WAX which is one of the main digital collectible items exchange and discovered something that made me go back to my childhood. I wasn't aware of NFT's (non-fungible tokens) until a few weeks ago until I saw some advertisement on their web about "KOGs" that looked like POGs which I used to play and collect back in the day!

Red Fox Labs is working on a game about where you will be able to play with the KOG's that you gathered against other players!

On august 18th KOG's released the 1st edition in 2 formats, booster packs for 100 WAX around 5-6 $ for 6 KOGs and starter packs for 400 WAX around 20 $ for 25 KOGs, the sale lasted 3 hours, 6183 booster packs and 6622 starter packs were sold in that small window of time, reaffirming the interest that people have for digital collectibles.



Taking in consideration the success of the sale, I think this could be a good investment if you are into collectibles!

If you want to grab some 1st edition KOGs you are still on time! there is some packs left on the market! I personally use and recommend Atomic Assets  to trade, buy and sell KOGs and many more NFTs.


This is my first post on publish0x and I would love to know if there is people interested on this subject because I would like to share my experience with KOGs and WAX! 

Thanks for reading

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