Presentation Post - My Life!

Presentation Post - My Life!

By Simone90 | Kodiaq | 3 Aug 2020

Hello everyone! Today, i'll introduce finally myself, in an article which will be full of fun and sad facts.

I started using crypto in 2015: Initially i used faucets and i was doing €1-2 every week. I was so excited! If you throw me back now, i can say that those are nothing, compared to what i have now, but everyone should start from somewhere, isn't it?

After some months of faucet, i approached the exchange world, and i registered on LocalBitcoins and later Binance. In those days, Binance had nothing, only the exchange. Then i started mumbling on how to make money safely. So after some researchs, i started selling BTC on LocalBitcoins and also on Telegram. It was all doing well, but then... I started investing in HYIP (aka High Yield Investment Program). With a rapid calculation, i can say that over the years i lost almost €1000 by investing on those type of sites. "Invest only what you can afford to lose". That is the phrase that later my friend said to me. Afraid to lose more money, i resumed using faucets, and by applying some referral marketing i started taking commissions. In 2018 i sold €15.000 in BTC, by taking more than €200 in commissions. I was struggling, because i wanted to invest. So i started with Fx Trading, that scammed lately. Then Arbistar and Mind Capital, and finally with Kuailian. Those are platforms that work on user's funds, and they do that for real, so the possibility to lose money is lower.

Those 3 platforms are among the best at the moment.

And now, back to 2020, i have active investments on Binance with the flexible and locked savings.

P.S: I know i'm quite scary in the thumbnail, don't worry, you will never find me in your house!




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