Online Mercedes!

Online Mercedes!

By Knowledgefruit | KnowledgeFruit | 13 Apr 2021


What people considered valuable a few years back doesn't seem to catch the same attention today.

A shift in attention is happening nowadays.

So where is the shift moving towards?

Individuals are shifting their attention from "offline assets" to "online assets".

People are now not looking for an "Offline Mercedes" rather they are looking for an "Online Mercedes". What I meant is, people are shifting their attention from buying offline assets to build online assets.

As more and more people are spending time online rather than offline, people are now building their "online status" symbol rather than "offline status".

In the offline world, Mercedes was a status symbol but in the online world, something else is a status symbol, for example, your Voting Power.

For the next generation, their friends are not roaming in the streets hence there is no point buying a Mercedes or Lamborgini to flaunt their status. Instead, their friends are active in the online world, not just playing games but online in general.

People are looking for building their online assets. It doesn't actually matter if you are living in a small house or big bungalow, you still can be a big figure online if you got online assets.

A parallel online world is in making, where there would be online privileges like the ones we have in the offline world. Obviously, there won't be a business class air ticket in the online world but similar privileges would soon be happening in relation to the online world.

Therefore, you cannot motivate the next generation kids by just luring them with offline assets, they would seek online assets.

Not just kids, we will witness this shift in the near future where the value of some offline will depreciate much quickly.

So the important questions are:

Are you still holding on to your offline assets?
Are you aware of your online assets?
Do you have more offline assets or online assets?

Presently, people are flaunting their offline assets on the online platforms but this will soon be over and the era of flaunting online assets on online platforms will be the next big thing.

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