Is change devaluing the PAST?

Is change devaluing the PAST?

By Knowledgefruit | KnowledgeFruit | 1 Feb 2021


The world is changing very fast, which means that two-child born in the same year, one in January and the other in December, will lead a very different life.
One year gap is sufficient enough to create a substantial difference in their lifestyle. This is majorly due to the pace at which changes are happening around the world.

Shift learning to Present Action Takers:
Earlier, we had a concept of the generation gap, but today, we need not wait for the next generation to see the changes; even a matter of months can bring a drastic shift in lifestyle.

So, if how to lead a life is also changing, can we rely on the old way of doing things?

Our children are still told to learn from Past Achievers. Still given those books to study which were written many years back, talking about old strategies. Their mind is still fed with success stories of the past generation.

But we must understand that people who applied strategies 10 years back or 20 years back will not work today. Changes are happening so fast that the relevance of past experiences and strategies are losing their importance. The point is not about how good the information is; the point is about it; it is relevant today.

We must shift our attention from "Learning From Past Achievers" to " Learn from Present Action takers. "
This new world needs a new approach to lead life. Feeding students with an old mindset will surely bring their productivity down.

In today's world, there are many ways to earn online too. But, we are only going by the old books which talk about the traditional way of earning money, the kids will be left behind. Right from the start, kids must be told to learn from their present generation action takers and not get stuck with old ways and strategies.

Old Learnings, Old Beliefs:

Whatever we learn impacts our belief system, so why not learn things that open up our new horizons and not limit our belief system.

In this 21st century, innovation is happening every day, new changes are happening, and disruptive technologies are coming up. And to keep up to these changes, kids must shift their knowledge sources to present action takers and not someone who did something 50 years back.

In the past, changes were prolonged; learning of one generation was equally relevant for the next generation but not today.

We had even learned 1 year ago cannot be used as it is, so what about things we learned 10 years back? We must also take a look at the guidance/advice we provide to our children or the next generation; most of the parents/elders force their experiences onto their children, which can be very detrimental to their growth. What worked for you may not work for them; try to show them the path that matches the present, not with the past.

Past experiences are losing their relevance. There is an urgent need to let go of our affection towards old ways of doing things and adopt newer ways.

Similarly, how we are educating our children needs attention. Learning has to shift from past to present.


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