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Illusion of the VALUE

By Knowledgefruit | KnowledgeFruit | 1 Feb 2021


We have heard a lot about the rise and fall of market prices. The prices of bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies are like hot potato nowadays. These ups and downs of the prices have caused a constant worry in the minds of people. Most people hop from one platform to another, in search of better profits.

But, we must understand one underlying fact that where there is VALUE, there will be money. Influential people can only draw momentarily attention, long term shift only comes where there is a value.

When there is no real value in the platform/idea/concept, people try to create a fake illusion around the product but sooner of the latter that fades away and the price comes back to the normal levels.

Therefore, it is better to add value to the product or services which we have to offer on these platforms rather than just trying to be opportunistic. Talking about the crypto-based social media platforms, our articles and videos are our product and services.

The real worth of the platform can be gauged by the value it is bringing in the lives of the people. Money is always the byproduct of the value.

The only thing we must run after is the value.

Consider, if this article does not add any value to the reader, the rewards associated with it will just be an illusion. Such false illusion is neither good for the author nor for the platform in the long run.


Moreover, the very idea of putting value in the currency and not in the product is little dicey. We must talk more about how good or bad the platform is, but in reality, we talk most about the price of the currencies. It must be another way around.
And this is the only reason why we may find many people out there who will not have any idea about the platform but still be investing in the currency. This way the gap between reality and illusion starts.


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