Publish0x, a place to learn everyday

Publish0x, a place to learn everyday

Like every day, yesterday, was an active day on publish0x. I learned about the trust wallet. I'm still curious, how tokens, can be seized on a blockchain. Crypto traders have their opinion, about where Bitcoin price can lead. I think that Youtube's restrictions will make users, go to other platforms, and there is a great partnership of Litecoin, with Atari. The crypto world, will be different, after the Bitcoin's halving, banks are coming in?

1. Trust Wallet

2. New steem witnesses confirmed seized the tokens worth $5 million USD from users

3. Crypto Traders Explain Where Bitcoin Price Can Go After Fifth $10K Test in 11 Days

4. YouTube's restrictions are pushing the crypto community to decentralized alternatives

5. Litecoin and Atari Announced Partnership

6. Bitcoin after halving, banks are buying.


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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users
Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

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