Four Real Estate Coins/Tokens

Four Real Estate Coins/Tokens

Cryptocurrencies, are tokenising, various business sectors. We can find more than one coin. for most business sectors today. In this article, we will look into four coins/tokens, that are traded on exchanges, with focus, on Real Estate.





With Propy, you can easily buy any property, around the world, with the use of smart contracts on the blockchain. Propy, ensures deed registration, that secures current and future deeds, after transactions are over. A blockchain enabled title registry, that allows authorities, to record ownership related data, safely and securely on the Propy blockchain. To use Propy, you have to verify an email, and a phone number. Then, you can list your property, with a good description and photo's. The property documents are stored on the blockchain, and only the document owner can give access to documents, when he decides so.

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IHT Real Estate Protocol



IHT is a technology with smart contracts, with the purpose of splitting real estate under, utilizing the known blockchain advantages, like trustless mechanism, anti-tamper, co-supervision, traceability and more. IHT, uses a smart contract technology that connects the asset side and the financial institution side. Large assets can be split and distributed to many financial institutions. With IHT, it is ensured that the user's investment is firmly bonded to the pointed assets.

More about IHT:


Max Property Group



Max property group, is a crowd funding platform with a real estate management system. The platform, uses blockchain technology, while being subject to regulation, by financial authorities, in the operating jurisdictions. The blockchain, is an Ardor sidechain. The loan documents will br standard, and the fund raising, will be recorded on the project's blockchain. All involved transactions as sales, or rental agreements, and maintenance costs, will be recorded on the blockchain too. The assets, will be liquidated, with tokens, to make it easy, even for small investors to participate.


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Relex uses cryptocurrency to provide accountability and immutability to real estate development opportunities. With the use of cryptocurrency, many small investors can participate, and the combined funds can be used, for big projects. With the blockchain, transparency and security is available. Without it, the whole process could be risky. The project will develop a variable smart contract system, that can be triggered by external events.

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There are many more real estate cryptocurrencies, that will be presented in new articles later. It is interesting, how cryptocurrency, eases real estate investing. The blockchain, adds the needed security, otherwise the investment would be risky.


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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

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