Agriculture related tokens (part 2)

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Ifoods chain


Ifoods chain, is a public blockchain with the aim, of a secure and reliable food quality, and safety detection. It is utilized through, a food detection smart device, a super probe system for meat, distributed data protection and other technologies, that ensure food safety tracking. Specially, for meat, there is a high demand, for ensuring the quality and safety. Another sector, that needs this, is the organic food market. There are two pain points, in the supply chain, The first is the supply side, and the second, is the consumer side. The problem is that a convenient, low-cost detecting method, is missing, and another is the consumer's lack of knowledge about food safety.

In the Ifoods chain, ecosystem, the examiner, is an ecoparticipant who uses smart devices, for food data extraction, and selects the libraries, for distributed food detection. Food enterprises, selected by the mode, of community voting, will become the distribution suppliers. For the e-commerce section, smart contracts, on the specialized Dapp, will be used for transaction settlement. The chain, will be public, with the OBFT consensus mechanism. IFOOD, is the native chain's token, and only this can be used for transactions, in the ecosystem, The foundation that supports the project, is based in Singapore.


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