Advertising related coins/tokens (part 4)

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The digital advertising market, is growing for the last 4 years. Although, there are problems like, low targeting efficiency, non-transparent counter party relationships, and high level of fraud. Ubex proposes to solve these problems, with the combination of the advantages of programmatic technologies, neural networks, and smart contracts, in one single system. With this approach, Ubex provides a transition, from the pay per click scheme, to the payment for targeted actions.

With neural networks, the interest of users, is evaluated, and the result, is the heart of Ubex's advertising purchasing algorithms. Smart contracts, allow for making the relationship of advertisers and publishers transparent and fair, and minimizing the risk for both parties. Programmatic advertising, is a set of methods, to ease purchasing advertisements on the internet, using automated systems, without human participation, based on socio-demographic, and behavioral data available, to both platform, and advertisers.

The Ubex token, will act as a payment unit, in the platform. The need for a token, is based on the need, to credit funds from advertiser's accounts, for the display of the advertising materials they have bought. The Ubex platform, will enable the owners of websites, who are providing statistical data, for the training of the system core, to receive UBEX tokens, as a reward (like mining). 5% from the income from all Ubex transactions, will be distributed, to data providers.



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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

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