A quick view of Centrality

The platform supports each stage of the start up life cycle.

The platform takes a human-centric approach by allowing users, to interact with a range of different applications, with a very low friction. It allowes developers, to create applications, which leverage the combined scale of the ecosystem, to beat the incumbent start up hurdles that exist today. With machine learning capabilities, it is cheaper to keep this model going. A radical shift, is needed to make a start up, easy and fast. Centrality's audience, is the new smart entrepreneurs, who are trying to disrupt traditional value chains and concepts, with the use of blockchain technology.

Focused on DApp business

Centrality, has built, a platform of tools, as services and library applications, that can be used as building blocks to built decentralized applications. This component based approach allows start ups to have flexibility over their product, but through a standard, look and feel that is available on all Centrality based applications.

Software Toolkit

The component library, has many useful tools like, Login with blockchain, Hybrid Wallet, Blockchain Everywhere, API/SDK, Common Microservices, Big Data Platform, Smart Contract Generator, and Token Factory. Because of the unified tools, users, can move between applications seamlessly. With the help of smart contracts, the start-ups, can create commercial connections, with other DApps, that can let them grow.

How it works

The platform creates, the technological foundation for DApps. The platform, will receive any tokens issued, by each application it powers, in return, to give the core technology, and the ecosystem. Various DApps, can plug in the Centrality platform, with the use of CENNZ token, to purchase modules, for their app, and create connections, with everyone participating in the ecosystem. With the use of smart contracts, there is no problem, of trust, across the platform.  Each DApp, is focused in creating, it's own business, and Centrality, only powers the core technology and design.

A proven business model

Within the six months, being established, the platform delivered it's technology to more than 10 real applications. It received over 40,000 ETH, in it's pre-sale, to continue expanding the network, around the world. There are great partnerships, with top tier blockchain companies, like SingularDTV, and Blockhaus AG.

The platform modules

The Ethereum Network, currently operates on a Proof Of Work Blockchain. The current average, block time, is 17 seconds, and the number of transactions, is high as 1,000,000 with a transaction fee of $2, and a confirmation time of 2 minutes. The current throughput is 8.5 transactions per second or approximately 750,000 daily transactions. The Centrality platform has created a consortium chain based on Ethereum, with several improvements, for better performance and security. The design will reduce latency, and congestion, avoiding network fees, when creating transactions, and avoid stress due to large transaction numbers.

With a complex set of applications, on the platform, not all applications, are given 100% services. All application functions, do not need to be recorded on the blockchain, so with the use of blockchain microservices, only the needed data of an application is recorded. With the token factory, any application, can create an ERC-20 token. To allow users, to move easily between apps, the "Login with Blockchain" module, ekiminates the need to login many times, nor to create a profile, many times, as both are moved between DApps, with the help of this module. The hybrid wallet, can operate as a fiat currency and cryptocurrency wallet.

The platform provides a shopping cart with checkout, where a user can pay with fiat or crypto. There are modules, that allow, creation, management, and publishing of content, and inventory blocks. There is an interface for big data and machine learning, API and SDK, to allow creation of unified user interfaces, that allow users to move around applications, without hassle. There is an application marketplace, an App Connector Engine, to allow connected apps, and a smart contract generator, to establish trust between the platform participants.

CENZZ Tokens

CENZZ, is the native platform token, and helps connection of applications, using the Centrality platform. They are needed to operate many of the modules / applications in the Centrality ecosystem, to create smart contracts, with other applications. CENNZ, will be implemented as an ERC20 token, on the public Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain, is the industry standard to issue custom digital assets, and smart contracts. The the token, holders can access the Centrality platform, use the offered services and DApps, and pay the monthly fee, needed for the DApp creators. He can receive an airdrop, of the DApp issued tokens, when they are available.


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