Nightmare Seems So Real | Sleep Paralysis

Nightmare Seems So Real | Sleep Paralysis

Sorry to bother everyone from their Cryptocurrency posts but I would just like to share this to everyone and I hope I will be able to help someone if I posted this topic about Sleep Paralysis.

The most difficult yet so frightening part of one’s life is to see unusual and scary things while you are awake and yet you found yourself not able to do something about it because you are tied up lying on your bed. The mere fact that you find out that you are still sleeping, it seems that these visions are for real you thought you were awake.

Once you already know that you are dreaming but cannot wake yourself up, tried so hard to move your feet or just get up from your bed but still can't! This is what we call - Sleep Paralysis.

Seeing a demon, an old ugly entity floating on top of you in the air getting nearer your face, with all your strength you try to shout and get help from others to wake you because you ALREADY KNOW that it is just a dream. A real bad dream that SEEMS TO BE REAL.

What you might have experienced is similar to what happened to me before several times.

Frightening as this could be, the strangest thing that happens here is that we do have the same visions and things that we see while we are under sleep paralysis episodes.

The lack of sleep itself and the stressful lifestyle that we have are the major causes of sleep payalysis.

Sleep paralysis can be cured!

You only need to clear your thoughts and be totally at ease when you are about to sleep.

I was able to overcome my own struggle freeing myself from these traumatic episodes at night and even during the day. Then I was able to set myself free from experiencing Sleep Paralysis after I was able to get longer hours of sleep.

I thought it was already over coz I was no longer able to see the old and horrific woman floating in front of me. Frightening as one would really shout the hell out so loud once you wake up and open your eyes seeing this scenario on the cover photo of this post. I was also able to notice that I was no longer seeing a demon-like monstrous man pinning me down letting me do nothing but to just shout out loud but no sound is coming out my mouth. I haven't noticed back in my sub-conscious that there was a smoke that surrounds them.

When I tried to look back with what I saw during these episodes, it's amazing that dreams are easily forgotten or even nightmares do after you wake up but the sleep paralysis episodes are really sticking inside my memory.

I am glad I am already over it and just informing everyone that this phenomenon is simply a sleep paralysis.

I was just wondering I still keep on seeing smoke that forms like a semi human figure that shapes like a head, shoulders and a whole body-like figure but no feet coz the bottom part is what we usually see in genie in a bottle cartoon. Though I seldom experience this already with no monstrous figures being seen, I do wonder if I am actually seeing souls or spirits during those times. If you have any idea about it, please do not hesitate to post a comment here and discuss your similar experience or if you actually know what's happening to me when I see the smoke-like figures.

Will share the story next time. 

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Enjoy the rest of the week guys!

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