My 5th Cash Out Here On Publish0x: 7,873 HYDRO - Surpassing My 4th Highest Cash Out Amount

My 5th Cash Out Here On Publish0x: 7,873 HYDRO - Surpassing My 4th Highest Cash Out Amount

Surprisingly generous blogging platform that really does acknowledge awesome contents shared by creative authors. Yesterday night, another successful withdrawal was processed and sent the requested amount to my MyEtherWallet (MEW) surpassing my highest cash-out last week only which is 7,431 HYDRO already.

I have earned all these from tips that my fellow authors have shared to my posts and continuously earning even though the cash out was already processed.



These posts mainly comprised the 5th cash out I have requested last Sunday night (May 12, 2019) and now already on my ERC20-Ready wallet for the HODL or for me to exchange into fiat if I want to.



Requested a withdrawal and confirmed it by clicking the blue button.


Now in my MEW:


Of course, any payment proof is still non-credible without the blockchain proof so here is the EtherScan provided by Publish0x sent through email as their confirmation as well.


Check the EtherScan link here:

We are given the edge of gaining more because we are now in the peak of the Bull-run that's happening in the market today so we are all gaining around 20% increase of the value of HYDRO in fiat value nowadays.

I have transferred all my HYDRO earnings from my 3rd and 4th cash out to one of my exchangers and trading it either to USD or Etherium (ETH).


Please look at the arrow as it was the best time to SELL at that moment after being consistent in it's normal value projected by the red horizontal line. It was last night. 13 hours ago from the time of writing today.

To check the current value of HYDRO today, here is the Real-Time value in USDollars brought to you by CoinGecko:


What are we waiting for? Let's now level-up the amount of activity we do in this site and let us share the word to our friends and familiy.


On my next post, I will be sharing my amazing marketing process sharing publish0x to my fellow bloggers from other platforms and even to the people who are new to blogging as well.

If this will be your first time to make a cash out, here is my cash out step-by-step/walkthrough and I hope this willl spark a great amount of motivation to all of the writers here to continue pushing themselves more for their shared crafts to get noticed.

Cash Out Process In Publish0x - My Earnings In BNTY Tokens Forwarded To MyEtherWallet

I hope this helps!

Follow me here on publish0x and thank you so much for the support you are all giving me. Have a wonderful week ahead and see you on my next post.

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