LiFi - The Future Of Data Transfer 100 Times Faster Than WiFi

Imagine the super fast and uninterrupted signal transmitted to all devices inside your home, office, coffee shop or establishment. Efficiency definitely is directly proportional to productivity.

The flickering light could transmit data to every mobile device exposed to the light itself. Signal can be transmitted 100 times faster than what Wifi can do.

The difference between LiFi to Wifi is 15 Mega Bits per Second (MBPS) versus 224 Giga Bits per Second (GBPS) in favor of what LiFi offers.

WiFi is relatively slow and limited by the spectrum of Radio Frequency while LiFi on the other hand uses a spectrum of visible infrared which is 10,000 times larger and 10 times cheaper to use.

When you are about to sleep? The lights can be dimmmed and still can transmit enough light to transfer data which is not visible to the human eye.


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LiFi is invented by Dr. Harald Hass and it stands for Light Fidelity (LiFi). It transmits data using the help of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulbs. It doesn't have any interference issues like radio frequency waves. The signal can pass through salty sea-water and can still penetrate even in the dense regions. For security purposes, the light is blocked by the walls so it provides more secured data transfer even if you are using it as a network but inside an enclosed place.


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It also generates 10 times frequency spectrum of the radio which provides faster signal transfer compared to what's WiFi offers.

We just have to get weary that LiFi is directly affected by the sunlight because its rays are stronger than what a LED bulb can emit.

Is it ready for mass adoption?


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Faster data transmission, cheaper, practical and safe to use.

1. Never again have weak connections even you are not close to the router.

2. Doesn't need a direct line of sight and just using the light reflected to the walls can still get speed of 70 MBPS

3. Hacker Security. Because information is read through light flickers, Your information is relatively safe inside your house. You can continue to control your network and access it without compromising your security because light cannot pass through walls or even doors.

4. Lifi can be used in aircraft carriers without causing electromagnetic interference. So you can use your phones even inside the airplane.

5. Pure LiFi, a company, already pushing this technology to the market and it will surely grow 80% per year after year. Expected market size would be $8-Billion Dollars in 5 years. Imagine that WiFi is the commonly used technology we have, if we introduce this one to the market for speedy internet and faster data transfers then this kind of technoloy will definitely have a boom.


I am already aware of the LiFi technology since 2016 and I am reintroducing this edge of faster internet again to the public because the efficient business process is relative to growth and profitability. This awareness shared to publish0x members will definitely be a breakthrough if we proliferate the use of LiFi to businesses we have.


We just all need to be receptive to the new technology being introduced. I am saddened that this technology has not been introduced for mass adoption. Technological secrets hurt the evolution of the modern society. I believe that we would all still benefit from taking different perception on how to handle information we receive about the current and advanced products. This is really a fascinating leverage of data transfer.

My educational background from Electronics and Communications Engineering has led me to post informative breakthroughs and innovations to make life simpler through technology and not create complexities.

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