I Love To Travel - Boracay, Philippines Summer Getaway!
I Love To Travel - Boracay, Philippines Summer Getaway!

It's summer time now and the heat of the sun blazes everywhere. It is enjoyed best by going to the beach with our family or our special someone. Boracay Island is under the province of Aklan, in the Visayas Region. Still the most visited tourist spot in the country, making it the most popular point of destination either the locals or people from other countries.

Don't worry, the island is already open for everyone since January 2019 declared by the President. It has already finished its six-month rehabilitation and overhaul. We just need to be self-disciplined when it comes to rules there. Enjoy the best that you can there. The beach is divided into three stations. Really safe to roam even on the wee hours of the night just be careful not to step on the people lying down the sand naked from skinny-dipping.


Major Things To Do in Boracay

You need to plan things ahead and put all these activities on top of your list to fully enjoy your stay in this Island-Paradise.

The sea is is calm mostly this summer season so hanging out and swimming by the ocean is the real main event why you would go here.

Parasailing - Flying over across the island and the seas.

Letting the wind blow you as you make yourself feel amazed every second from the breath-taking views you will see. You will ride in a chute at will fly like a kite and requires no skills and it is really safe. I was not able to do this because I am really afraid of heights, and this one lets you taken off the air higher than being at the top of the building is certainly like a suicide for me. For adventure seekers and people who gets excited with danger, this activity is for you.


Chew a bunch of courage when you jump off a cliff and dive to the depths of a trench-like deep parts of the beach. There are really cliff-diving spots that are available there. I was not able to experience this one but just see some people really shouting from the sheer joy they feel when they jump. Again, the heights are my biggest enemy when it comes to adventures like these.

Island Hopping

The most fun way to roam is to rent a boat and hop from one spot to another islet. Duing the travel, you can see the coral reefs from above and be able to see different kind of fishes even the surface below is already very deep. How amazing is that? I certainly loved this part wherein I was able to see and visited places where nobody lives or dwells into those small islands. The best way you can do private things with your special someone after you tell the boatman to get back on you on the island after a few hours.

Under The Sea Experience: Scuba Diving


These people will seem to have a great time to roam the shallow part of the seas. I know for a fact that under the ocean is another marvelous kingdom where there are lots of amazing things to see. I was not able to experience the scuba diving but seen a bit from snorkeling. A great way to enjoy the beauty of the underwaters aside from diving with air.


Photo not mine but just giving you a glimpse of the wonders we can see there. Source of the image is here.


You can also try Helmet Diving rather than Suba Diving. 


Image source

Same view you can see with scuba diving and short span of air that you can breath but definitely still amazing.


There are shades there beside the shore where you can just rest from walking and feel the cool breeze, let your feet scrub to the fine white sand and enjoy the view.



Aside from the nightlife along the seashore with a lot of booze and partying with a really loud dance music. Mingling with fun-filled people there is really a great way to spend the evening.

Your get-away is not complete if you were not able to taste the delicious foods mostly sea-foods in different parts of the island. Try going to the wet market and let your choices be cooked there at once over the flaming grills. No need for photos to make your taste-buds swell with delight but its a fact that we must all try for sure.

For fast-food lovers, there are choices like Mc.Donalds, Jollibee and Mang Inasal to visit there.


This get-away will surely make your vacation really a blast and enjoy this opportunity to the fullest.

The amazing experience will let us truly love nature the most and will always give us the sense of respect in taking care of our environment.

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About the cover photo: It is me pointing out the majestic view of the beach. Seemed inviting isn't it?





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