4 tips that may help you in New Normal Education

By kli4d | kli4d | 8 Sep 2020

My journey on being a student will continue again this coming Friday, August 28. Because of this, I might not able to interact with you for a while. As a preparation for my online class, I started to look on the web for some tips to help me cope and adjust to the new normal education. Today, I like to share what I've found to execute better in your home-based learning.

  1. Take it seriously.

Some of us may think that having a home-based learning education is just a piece of cake. You might as well, think that you can freely do anything because the teacher can't see or reach you. This new normal education will not be truly effective if you will not take it seriously. You must train yourself to treat this as an actual class.

  1. Remove all the possible distractions.

It might be a smartphone application, gaming console, your cute pet, your siblings, your noisy mother (just kidding), etc., distance yourself from these conceivable distractions

If you can't help to check or use your phone, you may temporarily delete the applications that makes you not focus on class. If the problem is in your environment, you can talk to your parents or any person in your shelter to help you removed distractions or at least minimize it.

  1. Set up your study place.

This is very important. Always put in mind that your study area should be used only in studying. Make sure that it is not your sleeping bed. There's a tendency that you might feel sleepy if you continue reviewing on your bed. Also, keeping the area clean may help to improve its ambiance for studying.

  1. Know your style.

We are all different and unique. What works for me may not work for you. Knowing your learning style will help you to reach your full potential in studying. I am a visual learner meaning that I can remember the information best if it was written and presented in pictures and diagrams. To know your learning style, you may take the quiz on the link below.


I hope this article helped you. We are all affected by this pandemic. But despite that, let's try our best to maximize our learnings.

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