The Poor Man to His Son - Advice

By Klazz | Klazz wall of inspiration | 12 Mar 2021

Never look at how dirty your shoes might be, though you would be mocked; though your clothes might be torn, don't be shy to represent yourself. Though the people around do not see you as anything, be your self - for a day shall come you shall be what destiny decides for you; For fate has been unkind to your father!th?id=OIP.U-0WpDH21B6XVhX3ND-WYwHaFj&pid=Api&P=0&w=226&h=171
Never look at how deep your pocket might be and no penny to show, but imagine your life a pathway to success and be a star, for what we call destiny, can never be denied.
The son replied in a sad tone almost crying, "but dad why have fate decided to be unfair to us," the dad replied... it's not our fault son, but as it is widely said fingers can never be the same, fate played a fast one on me due to my recklessness in my active age.
Don't want to be like others, always strive to be successful than them, be straight forward with what so ever you do, I believe in you and hope you would be a star.
Be humble all the time don't do what others do, do what you think is right for you to do, be free to express yourself, don't feel intimidated by whosoever for the same qualities he has and the same humans you are.
The young boy looking at his father felt sad and decided to comfort him, saying "though we might be depressed by the people who do not think gladly of us, we are still going to surprise one day."
Life might be a jungle today but can be a plain ground tomorrow
Life is full of tragedies, but tomorrow will be bright
Shine forth the light in you for everyone to see
Talent a companion given to all by the creator
Make an impact for your voice to be heard,
Don't look at your situation today but create a path to enjoy the

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Klazz wall of inspiration
Klazz wall of inspiration

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