How to overcome the problem of missing Google Authenticator? (My exclusive method)

By Ahmed Zaki | ALL THINGS | 14 Aug 2020


Do you use (Google Authenticator) tool to secure your various accounts?

There is no doubt that you are using it. Most sites advise you to use it so that no one can penetrate your account even if he is able to find out your password...

As for if you have not used it before, believe me, you will at some point have to use it to secure your various accounts, especially if you work in the field of profit and investment of cryptocurrencies...


What is (Google Authenticator)?

This question will surely cross your mind .. if you are not using this tool to protect yourself from trolls...

I believe that this question is not the important thing .. and whoever wants to know many details about the tool can read it here or here

But the most important question from my point of view .. is how to restore the verification codes of a site if you lost the application for any reason..

For example, you may lose your phone and thus lose the application because if you install it again on your new phone, you will not be able to access the verification code for a specific site... Therefore, you will not be able to access your account on this site except after implementing several compulsory steps to secure your account and make sure that you are the owner of the account and not Another person...

This is the biggest problem facing most Google Authenticator users Although solving it is very easy..

I will tell you what to do to avoid falling into this problem in the future...

Do not be surprised at the simplicity of the solution .. you just have to try it yourself to be sure.


My personal experience (exclusive)

I was exposed to this problem and almost lost my ability to access all my accounts because my phone suddenly lost its battery and I searched a lot for it and did not find it because the phone model is old and its production has stopped and therefore its battery is no longer present !!

 So when I came up with a battery after a long search ... the first thing I did was go into these sites and un-authenticate with Google Authenticator.

A very simple way to solve came to my mind .. so I began to try it... It is my pure experience .. I have not read about it or saw anyone do it...

Therefore, it is an exclusive method that I believe you will not find except in this article ..

It is a very easy and surprisingly simple method, as I mentioned to you...

My Own Way to Solve Authentication Issue with Google Authenticator

It is very simple and easy...

When you use Google Authenticator to secure your account, you will be asked to do the following: Scan QR code... by using your mobile phone camera.

From this step, attention, please.

All you have to do is take a screenshot of your QR code .. Open a word file and save your image in this file with the other data of the site...

Then keep this file in a safe place... It is preferable to keep it and similar files on a hard disk or a flash drive away from the device you are using ..

I lost my phone .. but I have no problem !!

Now don't worry about losing your phone or losing the Google Authenticator.. if this happens for any reason.. you just have to reinstall Google Authenticator on your new phone.. then go to the word file of the site you want to restore its verification codes... Open the file and make Scan QR code from it again .. Thus, you will get the code for entering the site normally...

I tried this myself and it worked for me ..

Thus, I no longer worry about losing my phone or losing the Google Authenticator application from my phone for any reason... In any case, I will be able to access the sites that I work on...

I hope you will take advantage of this exclusive method to solve the problem of losing Google Authenticator that many people suffer from ..

Be fine ..


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