How to download a distinctive video from Twitter ?! It's very easy!

By Ahmed Zaki | ALL THINGS | 12 Aug 2020


Did you like a special video on Twitter, and wanted to download it and keep it for you, but you couldn't do it?

If your answer is yes .. then this article will definitely help you to do so.

It is very easy ... maybe easier than you can imagine!


Here are the steps to follow to download any video from Twitter to your device:

1- Open this website TWSaver .

2- Copy the Tweet video URL by right-clicking the video and selecting a copy.

3- Paste the Tweet video URL into the input field above and hit the "Go" button.

4- Choose your preferred video Quality [UHD / HD / SD] to Download.


In this easy way, you will be able to download any video from Twitter ... with the quality you want.

There are also many applications for downloading videos from Twitter .. You can install one of these applications from Google Play from here.


Of course, there are other ways to download videos from Twitter... But what you have mentioned here is sufficient to achieve the goal .. And if you want the increase, you can search yourself for other ways to do that in your own way...

Be fine...

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