KittieFIGHT Gameplay Tutorial : Learn How to Play and Earn Ether Cash Prizes

KittieFIGHT Gameplay Tutorial : Learn How to Play and Earn Ether Cash Prizes

By KittieFIGHT | KittieFIGHT | 25 Oct 2019

KittieFIGHT is on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet and in order to prepare KittieFIGHT for Ethereum main net, we will be holding a series of testnet games to battle-test our platform. During the games we will be testing performance, making observations relating to security and usability improvement points for the dapp before final rollout live on Ethereum main-net. Our first public testnet game is scheduled for NOV 2nd 2019, Join a team here to participate :

1*pzqT7_5NO7QUhRlpQsLIfw.gifkittieFIGHT Live Action

We will also be rewarding participators with EXTRA CASH prizes in the form of main net Ether and KTY tokens for following directions and helping us accomplish our goals our main net launch.

1*UxTTrOdxQ6sMdRxR_VnaTA.pngJoining a fight from the KittieFIGHT marketplace

About kittieFIGHT

KittieFight is Mortal Kombat for Cryptokitties. In a kittieFIGHT game, ETH & KTY tokens are awarded and shared among winning groups/coalitions of fight matches that utilize customized fighting kittie avatars derived from the Cryptokitties platform. There is a Eth & KTY token jackpot to be won in every game. All participants in games have a 50% probability of being on the winning side.Its Also an experiment in group psychology with two opposing coalition groups at odds with each other over vast sums of money. you can read more about it in the whitepaper here :

Tools needed to play

  • Metamask
  • KTY Token ( Rinkeby)
  • Ether( Rinkeby )

1*Ls_rRfdc3HSpXV5IZaFTGw.pngKittiefight on Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet

Head over to and install metamask for chrome or Firefox. Create a password and seed and select and maintain the Ethereum address for use in the game. KittieFIGHT smart contracts are currently deployed to Rinkeby testnet, therefore make sure your metamask wallet is set to Rinkeby.

Steps to participate in a game :

  1. Getting KTY Tokens and Ether
  2. Registering your Rinkeby Ethereum Address
  3. Joining a team
  4. Starting the Game
  5. Placing a bet
  6. Checking your ranking
  7. Improving probability of winning as a team
  8. Finalizing the game
  9. Winners withdraw earnings
  10. Loser go to KittieHELL forever!

1. Getting KTY Tokens and Ether for Rinkeby Network

  • Head over to our discord :
  • Join the kty-Rinkeby channel, ask for some Rinkeby KTY tokens to be sent to your address there.
  • Join the the ether-Rinkeby channel, ask for some Rinkeby Ether to be sent to your address there.

Ether is needed to process every transaction, but as we rollout to the Ethereum Main net there will no longer be a need to use ether for transactions fees due to the abstraction improvement using meta transactions for a smoother less frictional user experience

2. Registering your Rinkeby Ethereum Address

Head to and click on start, then pay the required gas fees to get yourself registered with the kittieFIGHT smart contract system.

1*nk9IqMipvXnxd4-VANfAMg.pngRegistering Ethereum address on KittieFIGHT1*4yfe0oUWFV7VUUbWguUz2w.pngGas fees

Registering your address allows you to join, bet and withdraw your winnings from a game. Once you are registered you need KTY tokens and testnet ether to participate. Make sure you have read the previous section on how to receive some. You do not have to own an NFT Cryptokittie to participate in a game. The only player responsible for owning a cat is the group leader i.e owner of champion cat that scheduled the fight in the first place.

3. Joining a team

KittieFIGHT games are based on opposing coalitions/groups and each group having a leader who is the owner of the Cat scheduled for the fight match. Your decision to join a team can be arbitrary or you can support the coalition leader who invited you to support them. Of note is that the rarity of each NFT cat determines what defence level a group is going to start with. Defense levels are like heal bars, it helps protect against high damages from opponent up to certain points. A high defense level is not immunity to losing a game, but one more heuristic that gives the group an hedge against losing.

To join a fight, you will need to have Ethereum Rinkeby KTY tokens and Rinkeby Ether to pay the transaction fees.

1*1aM0hvol3cpki8eYOwBamg.pngJoining a team in a scheduled kittieFIGHT Game

  • Make sure you have KTY tokens , if not request some from our discord channel : . for now 37.5 KTY tokens are needed to join a game.
  • Head over to game page for Game 25 here :, click Join team and then select black or red team. Black for Left side and the red team for the right side.
  • Send the first transaction to approve the KTY tokens spending request popup from metamask.

1*LDfH614KbjQaCRGyRv3GQg.pngKTY Token approval

  • Send the second and actual transaction to confirm the joining event through metamask.
  • You should be able to confirm that you have joined a team once the pay ticket fee changes to : “TICKET FEE PAID

1*A3Xh3fAUwPiSl49L5uwuqA.pngkittieFIGHT ticket fee paid

4. Starting the Game

1*jLGXFBxOEkBE-BFyguJvfg.pngBoth Coalition leaders indicate KittieFIGHT game readiness1*dcwwWEEPC7rR3v3qrmUMJA.pngKittieFIGHT game cancellation risks

Both group leaders who own the actual kittie must click start to indicate participation and to kick-start the game or risks cancelling/forfeiting the game. This dynamic ensures that an active coalition leader is active in coordinating his/her supporting group or risk loosing the fees paid in KTY Token which is always approximately 1% of jackpot prize.

5. Placing a bet

Placing a bet is as simple as clicking the mouse on the game screen and interacting with the modal pop-up to initialize the bet. A bet is comprised of two requirements from a supporter :

  • KTY Tokens
  • Ether

1*4XXBtbjdKdOyTLJBjJvOxw.jpegKittieFIGHT betting modal

The third input “Random number” from the bettor is a subtle random number input that can be arbitrarily changed but not important from the users perspective and not required for you to change it. The collective inputs of random inputs from all supporters is used in the kittieFIGHT algorithms to generate non deterministic seeds.

The KTY Tokens betting fee requirement is a constant low fee used as indirect betting permission. While the Ether part of the bet helps with two things :

  • Higher Ether bets Give bettor higher probability of being top 2 bettors therefore eligibility to lion-share of Jackpot if the team wins.
  • Higher Ether bets ensure the teams effective performance in inflicting higher damages to opponent.

With each bet you want to make sure the gas allotted to the transaction is sufficient to get the transaction firmed under 14–30 secs.

1*-D11juzeQgdZn68-uNdNZw.pngEnsuring quick transaction processing1*Y1K3LhIn7ZsPQnp9lzjazw.pngConfirm transaction

Every body in a group / coalition including the group leader must coordinate bets to have a high probability of winning the game. A group has a higher probability of winning if each Ether bet from each supporter in the group, is higher than the previous supporter’s Ether bet. Also increasing subsequent bets have to be frequent to be more effective. The effect of this dynamic results in higher and harder hit points on the opponent gives the group a wining edge.

6. Checking your ranking

To check your ranking just click on the Button at the bottom of the game screen labeled “Toggle Betting Stats”. The statistical monitor it will display the real time, current top bettors as well as the leader-board display in descending order of all bettors by size of ether bet.

1*N7H8vXP6a7E9oaIaTjsNEw.pngChecking leader board for ranking and top winner opportunity

It is impossible to know the current status or performance of a team within a game match. Game results are only determined at the end of the game when the smart contract system algorithm tallies the scores according to certain random inputs.

7. Improving probability of winning as a team

KittieFIGHT is an amalgamation of various FOMO based concepts in addition to entirely new, never before implemented group coordination theory, using economical guarantees as incentive for coalition coordination. As such, for every game the winning team is always the group that coordinates to bet Ether in a : continuously incremental and frequent fashion. Whale betting huge amounts of ETH is not a guarantee of wins, although the amount are weighted. Any lag in betting frequency results in punitive measures by :

  • Enabling Higher damage from attacker in that specific attack and decreasing defense level of victim team
  • Assigning full attack points to attacker with blocking disabled in that specific attack for the victim

Other points to note :

1) “Blocking an attack” is the default posture of a victim during an attack as long as victim activity is not lagging, which results in only 1/4th the actual attack points worth, assigned attacker

2) “Receiving attack with blocking disabled” is what happens when victim has not been active, which results in the full actual attack points worth, assigned attacker

3) Betting LARGE amounts of ETH as a whale will NOT guarantee higher chances of winning the game as a team. But High Eth bets still count as weight towards higher hit punches and increases player leader-board ranking for an opportunity to claim higher percentage of Jackpot.

4) Games will only end once the time is run out AND the accumulated Jackpot is at least TEN TIMES (10x) the initial starting jackpot prize. I.e if the Initial Jackpot is 200ETH, the Ending Jackpot must be 2000ETH. The game time will keep resetting automatically in a never ending cycle until this condition is met!

5) There is an incentive for whales to quickly end the game by bet huge amounts of ETH in order to reach Jackpot performance condition(10x) and rank as top better on a team they might guess is winning.

6) There is no knowledge or indication of winning team during the lifetime of a game, accumulation of attack points is kept obfuscated. Attack hits values and game team winner is determined at the end of the game, using non-deterministic random seed combination and shuffling.

For more information, read the game theory section of the whitepaper :

8. Finalizing a game

You can earn KTY tokens if you win the lottery to finalize the game, sending the Transaction to do so and if you are the first to do so. Finalizing the games has to do with determining game results by the smart contract system algorithmic tallying the scores according to certain random inputs. For some this section of the game would stand as the most profitable activity done over several consecutive games.

1*4ahrBbUynZA0Z4NjsQJn_g.pngEarn cash to Finalize a KittieFIGHT game

8. Withdraw earnings

Withdrawal of winnings for those on the winning team is also as simple as a button click and transaction through metamask.

1*gxXJuH4k8h-fPu4_V6O-PA.pngKittieFIGHT Prizes withdrawal for winning coalition

As an example of jackpot distribution to winners, the Jackpot/honeypot prize of $50,000 in value, consisting of KTY Tokens and Ether are split up among winning coalition as follows :

  • Coalition leader/kittie owner : 30% of honeypot/Jackpot .
  • Top bettor; second highest share : 20% .
  • Second top bettor ; third highest share : 10% .
  • Every other bettor; get to share : 25% equally
  • Endowment fund ( DAO controlled eventually ):15%

9. Loser go to KittieHELL forever!

1*YFdJQqN8vOFLKfAmT33NZg.pngKittieHELL; A permanent place of torments & hopelessness1*L4J2wQc-DVjv1jshXm8BRQ.gifKittieHELL Guard

The losing group in the match are not compensated. The Kittie From the loosing groups is relegated to a place called kittieHELL forever unless several hundred NFT kitties ARE BURNED and a fee in KTY tokens proportional to winning kitties earning, is paid within a certain time frame. The multi -kittie sacrifice feature is not available in the testnet, but this will be part of main net release. KittieHELL is a kittieSINK/Euthanasia mechanism that acts as a burn mechanism for Cryptokitties. At the main-net launch hundreds of NFT kitties will be required for sacrifice for the actual release of a losing kittie which might be of high ether value.

Summary & Competition

We will be holding a set of public testnet games on NOV 2nd 2019 : or Nov Sat 9th and the very first Ethereum Main- Net Game on Nov/Dec 2019. For both testnet game dates, $500 will be credited to the top 10 bettors in Ether. The top 2 bettors in each testnet game will each be awarded additional $500. Actual top bettors from the First (NOV 2nd 2019) and second (Nov 9th 2019) testnet games are chosen as Black-corner and Red-corner for first main-net game competition. All Payouts are in Main-net Ether and KTY Token, scheduled for our main net release Nov/Dec 2019 .

Note : Main net launch date is affected and determined by the speed by which smart contract audits are finalized. Please check the following ledger for the rules of the competition and expected payout dates :

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KittieFight is mortal kombat for cryptokitties


KittieFIGHT is the Mortal Kombat of Cryptokitties. In KittieFIGHT, players fight one-on-one with customized kitty characters derived from the CryptoKitties platform to win jackpots in ETH and KTY tokens. Due to massive ETH Jackpot incentive in every game, hundreds or thousands of players rally behind each player betting Eth resulting in attacks on opponent, in the hopes of winning the game and large share of the Jackpot. All the participants of a match have a starting 50% probability of Winning

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