The leading

By KiBLS | kibls | 18 Oct 2019

The leading

The journey begins with the first step.
Go, I will accompany you a bit.
I'll show you the right way,
it leads along a narrow footbridge.

Do you trust me that I'll protect you?
In problems and suffering be always a profit to you.
Stride on! I'll go with you.
In good and also in bad times.

Nobody will ever dare
to smash your narrow ways.
Noble, strong, and full sublime
it is paved with all gifts.

I'll show you the true and real world.
I'll show it to you in full splendor and without money.
Unimaginable, you say.
Close your eyes and take a look!

(written by KiBLS)

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Author: KiBLS | Written: ~2009 | Published: ~2017 | German original: Follow soon! | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: Poems of the new time

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