Money is reigning!

By KiBLS | kibls | 19 Oct 2019

Money is reigning!

All the false teachings of this world,
teach you; the most important thing is money.

Everybody has understood it
not just who did not find it yet.

They searched in the wrong places,
and got a hard slap in their face.

Behave yourself and be good,
behave yourself and be a sheep.

Thinking is not allowed to you
because it rob the monies of their power.

Power which can easily enchant us,
and helps to suppress the reality.

Because the real thing is not really expensive,
but we do not care about it any longer!

It is so close and seems so far away,
it looks like something from another star.

It is a treasure we have to salvage
But not all people realize this!

Because the most people in this world,
just aspire for these mighty monies...

(written by KiBLS)

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Author: KiBLS | Written: ~2009 | Published: ~2018 | German original: Follow soon! | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: Poems of the new time

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