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By Kentzz001 | Nostalgic Gaming Reviews | 25 Dec 2020

Unreal Tournament GOTY is both that and a bag of chips! FPS supporters, if you do, you really haven't picked this one up, you better get rolling. Time to take Quake to the rack, for this bad boy has nothing but top marks! You name it—got it's this game! UT received more Game of the Year awards than any other at the time of publication, and all for good cause. But how are you going to build on such a dominant game when you ask? Add more goodies...WOOHOO!

UT has a beautiful original game with plenty of accessories. Two new games are Anarchy and Rocket Arena. Chaos lets you hack and cut your way through maps with a sharp sword, a long-range crossbow, and a smiley face that giggles and taunts as they pursue your rivals. Rocket Arena allows you to fight in a gladiator-style to the point of death with no additional weapons, no power-ups, no ammo pick-ups, no armor upgrades, none! Only you and the bad man, at the end of the war.


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UT is a perfect way to train yourself for the multiplayer matches that most of you have. It's certainly got to play. All the arenas are going up the ladder as you finish the matches for success. The better you play, the more games you can get. Each arena has a narrated guide so you don't have to sit down and learn how the arena is played. It's really cool! Beat all the arenas and you're set to tackle the ultimate challenge of the championship winner in a free-for-all deathmatch.

Deathmatch game mode is where a person who hits the predetermined amount of frags first wins. Capture the flag game mode is where you (player) must capture enemy flags as a defined amount of occasions to taking them back to your foundation as you protect your own. Domination game mode is where two teams are competing to take control of points position. Scattered all over the floor. To take care of it, just tap it. The better, the more points the squad gains control, the sooner the points can collect. Before the rest of the team hits it. An assault game mode is where two teams are battling as attackers and defenders. This is the attackers must accomplish mission goals in a time-limited way. This is the defenders are literally defending as long as they can hang out. If the time of the game is, tell ten minutes, but the attackers finish the goals in five minutes, then the next one. The defensive squad is going to strike. Now, the only problem is the latest assailants. Only have five minutes to reach the goals or lose the tie. In short, the defenders, who then strike, have to beat the time of the obvious. The attackers have to fulfill all the targets. This is certainly the funniest thing to do play and you have to play both sides before you win or lose the game.


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Multiplayer may not have been any smoother. Host up to 16 matches over the LAN Link or search the Internet. Online play is a breeze with two free games. The Mplayer.com and Heat.com websites. Not to mention that you can scan the Internet right from the Multiplayer menu to find a list of hosted games. Too easy to use, someone should be able to do it! You should be told that the more hours you spend playing the disks, and you will be prepared for online games. The enemy tactics are stronger than any AI that you may face, but that's what replayability is all about.

One of the greatest aspects of this game is that you don't have to play the game. The best machine out there to enjoy the title. Yet you don't have to bear the effect of the poor resolution is to make up for speed. If you have a local PCI bus VGA card, you don't need a 3D card—yet all the maps are still made in 3D! But if you have a 3D card, you need at least 8MB of it. A minimum processor of 200 MHz and you're only going to be perfect. The game is filled with lots of weapons, maps, strategy, style of play, and personal improvements. It couldn't be easier to give verbal orders, not to mention taunts to get the opponent fired. I could go on and on, but to make this brief go get the game. If you enjoy the FPS genre, UT GOTY is a must go.


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